SWIS Steering Wheels

This product is now obsolete although some can be built to special order - please call to discuss.

The Farringdon Steering Wheel Display is an enclosure containing a nineteen character LED display, nine shift lights and four buttons that is attached securely* to the top part of a steering wheel.  The display is divided into six regions.  Along the top there is a single digit gear indicator, a two digit lap number window, a six digit lap time window displaying minutes, seconds and hundredths of seconds.  Along the bottom a three digit speed or gauge window, an elapsed time window in minutes and seconds (or hours and minutes) and finally a gauge window controlled by the right hand buttons.  The column of four LEDs next to these buttons indicates the gauge selected.

The brightness of the display is controlled by the left hand buttons and is sufficiently bright to be seen in direct sunlight.  The LED display is intrinsicly more robust that Liquid Crystal (LCD) Types and is able to survive the sometimes severe vibration of a resonant steering column.

The display is driven through its curly cable (which exits from the back of the enclosure) by the Farringdon Display Controller or directly from the Farringdon FD20 Data Logger.

The images show just some of the wheels available.  As the enclosure is riveted to the steering wheel metal armature, only certain types can be used safely.

*The method of fixing and the integrity of the steering wheel has been approved by the MSA for competition use in the U.K.

320/340 mm


250 mm


260 mm

270 sw

270 mm

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