52 mm Small Gauges


The new 52 mm small Gauges developed by Farringdon fill a niche for Historic Motorsport where no small gauges with period faces have been available with modern stepper motor mechanisms and accurate electronic sensors.  These also include engine saving warnings and tell-tales.

The images below show the types that are currently available. A new voltage gauge is also available.  Both single and dual fuel level gauges are soon to be available.  Bezels can be either black or chrome.  All guages have a 50 mm flying lead fitted with a JST 8-way connector.  A mating connector is also supplied.

52 mm Gauge Set


The pressure gauges use piezo-resistive pressure sensors that provide better than 1% accuracy over a wide range of temperatures.  The sensors have a male 3/8UNF port which connects to -3 fittings easily.  Although hydraulic isolators can be used with mechanical gauges, an electrical connection is instrinsically safe for high pressure fuel systems such as those found with Lucas fuel injection systems on BDG, FVC and DFV engines. A industry standard Metripak connector with 3 metres of cable is provided to connect the sensor to the gauge.

Temperature gauges are supplied with thermister based sensors embedded in a brass fitting designed to replace typical capillary sensors directly.  Again an accuracy of better than 1% is obtained. These sensors have a long flying lead for ease of installation.


All temperatures gauges have settable maximums over which a warning signal is generated.  Similarly, pressure gauges have minimum settings below which warnings are provided.  Warnings cause a bright blue LED behind the dial to light, as shown below.

52 mm Gauge LED Alight


All gauges store the maximum temperature or minimum pressure detected which is displayed when the power is turned on.  Pressure tell-tales are only recorded above a certain rpm taken from the first shift light rpm setting of a Farringdon tacho. Tell-tales are reset with the same magnetic wand used to set up the maximum and minimum settings for the gauges.

Set-Up Method

The gauges are setup with warning limits by means of a magnetic wand that is detected with a magnetic sensor beneath the dial of the instruments - and therefore invisible.  No buttons are required.

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