Lap Timers
RCA60a 400

The Farringdon RCA60 Lap Timer is  a simple-to-use powerful lap timing system in  a compact, rugged, easily installed package.

  • Very clear (in both direct sunlight and low or light or dark conditions)  backlit display.
  • Last complete lap time, best lap, elapsed time and laps completed are displayed
  • Large memory can store 200 laps
  • Sensitive IR detector, up 100m range, picks up track  beacon or optional Farringdon beacon
  • Low power consumption
  • 12 volt powered - no battery to leave on or replace
  • Machined from billet aluminium
  • Water resistant
  • Manual lap timing functions for rally  stages or track days
  • Beacon controlled “IN” display

The “IN” display indicator allows  the driver to be called in from the pit wall.  The display will continue to flash  *.IN.* until beacon is switched to normal channel.  No more missed pit boards. Passing the Farringdon  beacon set to the IN position causes the in-car  display to change to:


RCA60 d 400

Performance  Monitor Version RCA65

Displays real time difference between  current and fastest lap, as a + or  - numerical time.  Instantly see whether a new line  or set-up change is faster.  No extra boxes required simply connect a wheel speed sensor.
An amazing driver aid from  a compact system.
A must for anyone looking to go faster.
Fantastic for qualifying, never waste new tyres again.

RCA60 -b 400 RCA60 - c 400
RCA60 Complete System

The Complete System showing the Farringdon Beacon and Infra Red Detector.

Part Numbers

    RCA60:   Lap Timer, no beacon, no Performance Monitor
    RCA61    Lap Timer with Beacon, no Performance Monitor
    RCA65    Lap Timer, no Beacon with Performance Monitor (includes wheel sensor)
    RCA66    Lap Timer with Beacon and Performance Monitor (includes wheel sensor)

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