Data Logging

This product is now available to special order only.

The Farringdon FD20 Data Logger is a 20 channel motorsport data logger engineered to operate reliably in the harsh environment of a racing car.  Recording data on a small SD Flash card such as those used in digital cameras, means that the size of memory is always sufficient and that download leads and balancing a lap top on a slippery car in the rain are things of the past.

FD20 Box Open

FD20 Logger

  • 20 Channels:   Wheel speed, Engine Speed, Water and Oil Temperature, Fuel and Oil Pressure, Gear Position, Logger Temperature, Distance, Time and 8 undefined Analogue User Channels.
  • Sample Rate:   All channels can be samples 500 times per second
  • Data Storage:   Standard SD Flash card.  2 Gbytes as standard. Simply remove card and put it into your laptop.  No download leads or need to balance your laptop on the car in the rain!
  • Time Stamp:    Files are time stamped with start and last modified time from battery supported real time clock and calendar.
  • Engine Management Unit Interface:   Serial interface (with optional CAN to Serial Converter) for taking data directly from ECU
  • Track Mapping:   Closed or open “Stage” type track mapping from internal G sensors and wheel speed
  • Engine Log:  Engine hours and time over preset thresholds recorded for display in car or from Data Analysis program.
  • Displays:  Drives any Farringdon Display  eg SWIS Steering Wheel,FISW Steering Wheel and the RCA60 Lap Timer Display - see complete systems
  • Data Analysis:  Podium Flash analysis software from Polylogic
  • Enclosure:  Machined from billet aluminium

Download full specification and brochure here.

Podium Flash data Analysis Software

Written for Farringdon by PolyLogic Limited, Podium Flash provides a comprehensive tools for analysing data from the FD20 Logger.  Graphs, charts, reports and tables are available as shown below:

podium flash 750

For further information, software and demo data click here

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